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Huitian is a leading professional adhesive and new materials research and development manufacturer headquartered in China. The company was founded in 1977 and has since grown to become a high and new technology enterprise group, with stock code 300041. Over the years, Huitian has consistently proven its prowess as an innovative company that strives to meet and exceed customer needs. It has achieved this by continuously researching and developing cutting-edge products while improving its production process to offer high-quality adhesives to diverse industries.

Markets Served

Being the largest adhesive supplier China, Huitian serves various market sectors, including New Energy, Electronics, Automotive, Industry, Packaging, Environmental Protection, Construction, and High-Speed Railway. The company's commitment to developing and improving its products has enabled it to meet the unique needs of each market, working in close collaboration with the customers to understand their specifications and design products that meet their desired standards.

New Energy

Huitian has heavily invested in the Research and Development of new energy-based products. It has successfully developed adhesives for various applications, including assembling solar cells and wind-turbine blade production. The company also produces structural bonding for wind-energy systems, such as tower flanges and nacelles. Huitian's advanced products enable wind turbine components to bond firmly and withstand severe operating conditions without breaking down, resulting in improved efficiency.


In the electronics market, Huitian is renowned for producing adhesives for smartphones, tablets, computers, and other portable devices. The company's state-of-the-art products are designed to withstand high temperatures, high humidity, and other harsh environmental conditions. Huitian electronic adhesives have excellent bonding strength, making them ideal for use on components such as LEDs, displays, and buttons.


Huitian produces advanced adhesive products for various automotive applications. The company's adhesives offer excellent bonding strength, providing an alternative to traditional mechanical fastening methods. The use of adhesives enhances durability, reduces weight and improves fuel economy by optimizing aerodynamics, resulting in improved performance in harsh environmental conditions.


Huitian industrial adhesives are versatile and suitable for multiple applications. The adhesives adhere to hard and soft surfaces, including metals, ceramics, plastics, composites, and other materials. The exceptional properties of Huitian's industrial adhesives set them apart from traditional adhesive products in the market. They offer excellent bonding strength, durability, and resistance to chemicals, heat, and UV light, making them perfect for use in heavy-duty applications.


Huitian packaging adhesive products are suitable for use in food packaging, beverage packaging, and other package labeling. The adhesive products are non-toxic, which makes them safe for human consumption. Huitian packaging adhesive products are robust, reliable, and their viscosity levels are customizable to meet customer specification.

Environmental Protection

Huitian is committed to environmental conservation and sustainability. As such, the company deems it necessary to produce environmentally friendly adhesives that do not harm the environment. The company's products are certified by global conformity assessment bodies, such as RoHS, UL, ISO, and others, thus underlining Huitian’s commitment to producing eco-friendly products.


In the construction industry, Huitian has developed products that are suitable for use under various construction conditions. For example, adhesives used to assemble glass to the frame improve the aesthetic appearance of building façades. The company's adhesives used in floor installation also provide a better grip and a safer work environment.

High-Speed Railway

Huitian produces adhesives that are suitable for high-speed rail transportation systems. The unique properties of Huitian railway adhesives enable them to withstand harsh weather conditions, vibration, and mechanical stresses. Huitian's high-speed railway adhesives offer excellent shock-absorption properties, thereby improving passenger comfort.


In conclusion, Huitian has grown to become a leading professional adhesive and new material research and development manufacturer in China. It has achieved success by prioritizing customer needs, continuous product innovation, and improving production processes to offer high-quality products to various industries. The company's commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability is admirable and underlines its dedication. Anyone who requires adhesive products should consider Huitian products for high-quality and eco-friendly options.
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